How to make fuyu persimmon salad with cumin vinaigrette

How to make fuyu persimmon salad with cumin vinaigrette

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Gather the ingredients. Here I am a doubling the original recipe, in order to make it for a party. I seeded the pomegranate the day before, and stored until ready to use.

Start by cutting all the persimmons.

Cut off the tough green calyxes and the bottom knob.

Then slice each persimmon in 10 to 12 wedges.

Place all the sliced wedges into a large bowl.

In a small lidded jar or salad shaker, juice the lime.

Remove the seeds from the Serrano chile.

Mince the chili.

Add the minced chile, a dash of salt, the cumin and the walnut oil. If you are not sure how spicy you want it, start with half the chile, then taste and decide if you want to add more.

Cover tightly and shake hard to mix very well.

Toast the walnuts in the oven, then roughly chop.

Pour the dressing into the bowl.

Add the chopped walnuts.

Add the pomegranate seeds.

Add the cilantro.

Toss well to combine. Enjoy!

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