How to render fat

How to render fat

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I needed some rendered pork fat. I visited some stores over manhattan and was unable to find some.

So just buy a piece of fat that is not rendered.

Open the package. Wash it and cut it into pieces. Or the other way around. Either way works.

Put it into the pot.

Fill some cup with water.

Add it to the pot

Turn the heat on.

The water will start to boil.

And eventually evaporates.

The fat will start to melt down.

And the pork pieces will start to fry-ish.

Put the fire on low.

When it starts to get some color it's ready for straining.

Get your tools ready.


Put it in the fridge.


Save it in a airtight container.

You can use for frying whatever you want. It will smell great.

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