How to cook healthy steamed sea bass with vegmash

How to cook healthy steamed sea bass with vegmash

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Is very easy , quick and healthy dish ..... So lets began . Peel the swede ( yellow turnip )

Peel the carrots too :)

Cut in small chunks put into pot add some sea salt ...

Add boiling water and let it cook for 10 min

I'm using fish on the bones when u cook it this way has got more flavour but u more than welcome to use filets ( you will need to reduce steaming time by half )

Stuff the fish with lime ( or lemon )

Put fish in ovenproof dish , veg were cooking now for 10 min, I'm using the water from veg

The water should cover the bottom of the dish ( not the whole fish ) add pinch of salt at this point , by the way the the veg are still boiling on very small gas

Cover well the ovenproof dish with aluminium well so the water can't escape . Oven is already hot ( 180 degrees ) now u will cook the fish for 15 min

When veg are soft remove the water from the pot add grated nutmeg ( about half ) add 1 tsp of butter

Blend it well till smooth ...

:))) like that .... Have a try and add salt if need it ... ( if fish not ready cover up and patiently wait )

15 min gone fish should be ready ... Remove the lime and bones :))

Put it on the plate next to veg mash ( I have put some green salad with it ) and enjoy :)))))) the final pic is not the best but I couldn't wait to EAT .... Sorry ....

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