How to make the best homemade chicken wild rice soup

How to make the best homemade chicken wild rice soup

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I usually double this recipe. The leftovers are SO good! I also often use chicken broth I've made and have frozen. Either that or canned works. You can always substitute chicken with turkey too.

PREPARE WILD RICE... Boil 10 min. in 2Qt pan 1/2 full of water. (Rice is not done yet) Pour off stained water. Refill pot w/clean hot water. Bring back to boil 10-20 minutes more. Watch closely.

Simmer rice until tender & fluffy. I test by tasting / biting a few kernels. Drain. Set aside. If you're preparing soup later, put cooked rice in sealed container in refrigerator.

Here I had chopped my veggies, cooked rice & cut up cooked chicken ahead of time. Now it's time to assemble and cook the best soup ever!

Melt butter in soup pot.

Cook & stir onion, carrot, bell pepper & celery....

Pour in chicken broth and water

Simmer broth on medium heat, adding chicken (or turkey) chunks.

Stir in wild rice. Reduce heat to low.

Fresh parsley is my favorite. I keep a plant growing indoors all winter. In a pinch you can use dried.

Finely chop parsley.

Pour in Half & Half last. Do not boil.

Sprinkle approx 1/3 cup slivered almonds (or sliced works). This adds a nice crunch.

Add slivered almonds and parsley at the end.

Reduce heat and keep warm, but do not boil.

Besides creamy delicious broth, this soup has great texture - Chicken chunks, wild rice, vegetables and crunchy almond slivers! Savory soup with something to CHEW! It's even better reheated next day!

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